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Launch Off

HYS will launch off from ashore or road transport.  There are two travel hoists on site with a lifting capability of up to 80 tonnes and 7.3m (24ft) beam enabling yachts of up to 33.5m (110ft) to be lifted out.

In addition, a mobile crane and forklift trucks are on site ready to provide ancillary services including stepping of masts and rigs.  HYS personnel are renowned specialists in handling large and complex yachts.

Our flexible schedule will assist with your timing requirements and with our competitive rates and professionally trained staff, you’d be hard pushed to find another company that allows you to benefit from all three.

  • Up to 33.5m (110ft) boat length.
  • Up to 7.3m (24ft) beam and 5.5m (18ft) draft.

Use our launch calculator to add the launch-off cost if you are launching after lifting out, pressure washing and blocking off.